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BizSuite Cloud Accounting Software

1 Company
1 Users
General Ledger
Account Receivable
Account Payable
Software Update

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3 Companies
1 Users
General Ledger
Account Receivable
Account Payable
Software Update
Project & Cost Centre
Goods & Service Tax (GST)

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  • General Ledger
  • Account Receivable
  • Account Payable
  • Good Services Taxes(GST)
  • Multi-currencies
  • Report
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Project & Cost Contre
General Ledger Journal Entry
Cash Book Payment
Cash Book Receipt
Stock Value
Bank Reconciliation
Fiscal Year Closing
Chart of Account
Account Group
Chart of Account Template
Opening Balance
Account Determination
Fiscal Year
Open and Lock Posting Period
Journal Category
Account Payable AP Invoice
AP Payment
AP Debit Note
AP Credit Note
AP Payment Refund
Associated Vendor Group
Vendor Category
Account Receivable AR Invoice
AR Payment
AR Debit Note
AR Credit Note
AR Payment Refund
Associated Customer Group
Customer Category
GST GST Setting
GST Generator
CRM CRM Dashboard
My Workspace
New Case
Search Case
Cases Summary
Staff Users
User Group
Screen Configuration
Security Access Level Controls
Utility Backup/Restore Databse
Import Excel File
Settings Company
Cost Centre
Tax Code
Payment Mode
Payment Term
Document No. Format
Shipping Method
Journal Type
Reports Reports


High Startup & Maintenance Cost
Mostly Windows
Complex Installation
Limited Accessibility
Manual Updates & Backup
Export & Import Data
Low Security
Poor Disaster Recovery
Low Startup & Maintenance Cost
Web Browser
No Installation required
24/7 Accessibility
Automatic Updates & Backup
Real Time Data
High Security
Efficient Disaster Recovery

Save Cost
One of the main benefits of cloud computing is the amount of costs it cuts for your business. There is no need for expensive computer equipment and servers to be installed in the office. This cuts hardware, software and energy costs.

BizSuite cloud accounting software can be easily accessed through a web browser, with no need of compatibility check to be performed between the computation system used and the cloud accounting software.

Everything is running online, so there is nothing to install. You can simply access to BizSuite cloud accounting software by using web browser with an internet connection.

With BizSuite cloud accounting software, you are no longer tied to your desk at the office. Whether you are at home or traveling overseas, you can access your data anytime with an internet connection.

Automatic Updates
BizSuite cloud accounting software allows all the software updates can be done automatically without you having to do anything. In addition, unlike traditional accounting software programmes, these updates are free and included as part of your monthly subscription fee.

Real Time Data
Cloud Accounting also means that sharing the up-to-date information is easier then ever. BizSuite cloud accounting software enable your data to be updated in real time automatically. You can get the up-to-date data by simply access to the software from anywhere, at anytime.

Cloud is one of the most secure way to store information. That is because no date exists locally, but online, secured by powerful encryption. This is much safer method of storage than keeping data on a local hard drive.

Backup & Disaster Recovery
BizSuite cloud accounting software allows all the data backup is done regularly and automatically to prevent the possibility of data loss. When disaster happens, all the data can be also recovered without any difficulty.

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