AutoCount POS - Front-End Features

APOS is Offline POS with real-time data synchronization capability. Each POS terminal is independent and has its own database. Failure on any particular PC will not affect the other POS operation.

Faster character-based printing

In APOS, you can print your receipts at faster speed with character-based printing. The printed receipt is clear and easy to read.

Receipt printed

Hold Bill and Recall Bill
APOS allows you to withhold temporary in the middle of entering transaction bill and resume it later.

Immediate Printing or After Paid Printing
In APOS, you can print cash receipt either as soon as item scanned or after payment made.

Multiple Payment Method
APOS supports multiple payments in single receipt. Customer can pay by cash, credit card, debit card, voucher and cheque.

Multiple Payment method in single receipt

Credit Sales
APOS allows credit sales which items sold on the ground that customers will pay in the later days.

Record Promoter Sales and Sales Commission
You can record promoter sales in APOS and generate promoter sales report and promoter commission report later.

Record promoter sales report

Row Discount and Total Discount
In APOS, you can select discount either by stock item or on total amount of transaction (row discount or total discount). Approved by supervisor password, you can change unit price and enter discount.

Inquire Stock Level in other database
From POS Terminal, you can heck on-screen stock quantity in your outlet, other outlets and headquarter. The POS transactions made in each POS terminal will be synchronized back to HQ Main Database Server.

Inquire Stock Level in other database

Item Search
To search stock item in APOS, you only need to click “enter” on the search column and it will list down all the stock items for you to select.
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